Thanks to my studies in Graphic Design, Fashion Design, (IDEP) and Arts (Arts School) I could develop an aesthetic, functional and practical point of view at things. Since 2003, I’ve been working in different fields of design and since 2012 I'm focused on Mobile Design, UX/UI and Product Design.

My career started with the creation of a design studio with another partner focused in web design and offline stuff, after six exciting years I came to Madrid to work closely with our clients. I soon pivoted to Product Design and UX for different Startups, mainly in the mobile area. This change gave me an opportunity to know new companies with different ways of doing the business and to manage diverse projects. Thanks to the chance of working face to face with engineering and marketing teams, I’ve really broadened my view at technological products. Then I started a new transition, this time towards an Advertising Agency with internationals brands. This last period of my work live gave me a global vision about what big companies want and do, just the opposite what I usually did for startups: minimum viable products in their beginnings. Changing from MVPs to global campaign makes you learn in a lot of aspects.

I would like to work on a variety of projects with a handful of talented creatives who love what they do and have fun doing it, to be a team member in a collaborative environment to work and to learn more about design, an experience where I can improve my skills. I'm a detail-oriented, observant and creative, I take inspiration from everyday experiences.

If you want to know more about me or collaborate, send me a mail, please. It'll be a pleasure.